How to Love Videogames & Your Girl too: Miss Lora “Y’all Are Rude!” Comedy:

How to Love Videogames & Your Girl too

Miss Lora, the Trailer Trash Miz Manners, got over 1,000,000 views on her comedy webseries “The Southern Guide to Internet Dating” and an appearance on Rachael Ray’s CBS talk show as a youtube expert on dating advice.  Now she’s back with “Y’all Are Rude” where Miss Lora tells everyone how to clean up their act about everything with her advice and Baking Soda, hon – Really!  In Episode 1, Sue Ellen is a college girl  with a video game obsessed boyfriend and how baking soda can save the date! Subscribe to Lora Cain’s channel and you’ll get every weekly episode and share her with your friends who need down home advice on dating, relationships, work, kids, cleaning  and a laugh! All the episodes are available at

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